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Ioannina (Greek: Ιωάννινα Ioánnina [i.oˈa.ni.na], often called Yannena (Γιάννενα Yánnena [ˈʝa.ne.na]) within Greece, is the capital and largest city of the Ioannina regional unit and of Epirus, an administrative region in north-western Greece.

A town built on the foothills of the mountain range of Pindus and by the pictures que lake Pamvotida. With its rich history as a melting pot of traditions and cultures, Ioannina, Greece's multicultural characteristics are still visible in everything, from its architecture and traditions to lifestyle and cuisine.

Located in the Νorthwestern part of the country, Ioannina, sits in the center of a valley, amongst enormous mountains. The town was built on the famous Egnatia Odos, the road that connects Europe with Asia, one of the most ancient routes in history, spanning over 2000 years, once used by the Persians and ancient Greeks.

From the Stone Age, the ancient Greek civilizations, the Roman magistrates and the Byzantine despots through to the Ottoman pashas and the modern Greek democracy, the history trail leads to the unmissable attractions of today’s multicultural Ioannina: amazing museums, a unique primordial cave, art galleries, twelve churches, one synagogue, sixteen monasteries, twelve well preserved Muslim monuments, and an array of town houses and public buildings of architectural interest.


Come and be inspired. Ioannina is a vibrant city with inspiring meeting venues and warm hospitable people willing and able to render the best service. Ioannina, a place of unrivaled beauty, surrounded by unspoiled nature, is the perfect meeting and conference destination.

Besides its laid-back, indulging atmosphere, Ioannina is the perfect base for great outdoors in a diverse landscape of coasts, mountains, rivers, valleys and lakes -an excellent value for family vacations, congress & events and thrill-seekers.


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Useful Information

Aera Codes

The international dialing code for Greece is 0030, which is only necessary when dialing from abroad.
The dialing area code for Ioannina is 2651 and for Athens is 210.
For a national call in Greece: area code + telephone number
For an international call to Greece: international dialing code for Greece + area code + telephone number.

Usefull Phone Numbers

Telephone Information (OTE) 11888
All emergencies / European Emergency Center (free call) 112
Local police (free call) 100
National Emergency Aid Center (free call) 166
Fire station emergency (free call) 199
Ioannina National Airport +30 2651 083600


Time Zone

Ioannina, like all of Greece is on Eastern European Time (EET)

Currency, Banks and Credit Cards

Greece uses the Euro as currency.

All major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard) are accepted by most stores and venues. However in smaller stores and kiosks you may be asked to pay in Cash.

Banking hours are typically: Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Some branches and shopping malls extend their opening times on Saturday mornings. Cash withdrawals from ATMs are available 24h/day. Numerous ATM machines can be found at central streets so that you will not have any difficulty to withdraw money.

Electricity - Converters

The current in Greece is 230 V.
The standard frequency is 50 Hz.
The power sockets used are of type F.
Please contact the reception desk for available converters.


Tap water in Ioannina is safe to drink.



The meeting organizers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained or for loss of or damage to property belonging to Congress participants (or their accompanying persons) either during the congress meetings and post congress activities. Please obtain proper travel and health insurance prior to your trip.

Internet Access

Free wi-fi zones abound, and many cafes and restaurants offer wi-fi for customers.


Tipping is optional in Greece. However it is customary to round up the sum if you are satisfied with the service.

Tips may be left on the table or you may tell the service that you do not expect to be given any change.

Liability and Insurance

The Organizers as well as the Organizing-Administrative Bureau of the Conference will assume no liability for injuries or losses of any nature incurred by participants and/or accompanying persons, or for the damage, loss or theft of their personal property during the Congress. Participants are advised to take out their own health, travel and personal insurances.



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